phoenix Beijing, China  —  2005 invited by the Ministry of National Affairs, China to participate for the 1st International Calligraphy Exhibition of the Ngoc-On Cup in the International Calligraphy Exhibition. Two pieces of calligrahy art were collected. MinNatAff-china
phoenix Shaanxi, China  —  2005 the Museum of Shaanxi and Xianyang Calligraphy Stele Committee in China collected Ngan’s calligraphy. They selected her work to be engraved in stones in a popular destination. museum_shaanxi
phoenix Xianyang, China  —  2002 the Xianyang Calligraphic Stele Committee of the Wei River collected Ngan's calligraphy.Her calligrahy was engraved in stone. museum_shaanxi
phoenix Canada  —  1990 the Canadian Museum of Civilization collected two paintings by Ngan museum_ottawa
phoenix Quebec, Canada  —  Since 1999 Day's Inn Montreal Downtown purchased four artworks by Ngan. daysinn
phoenix Australia  —  1999 Multisource Pty Limited collected six paintings by Ngan.
phoenix Taiwan  —  1999 Ten Ren Teaïsm Foundation of Taiwan collected four paintings by Ngan.
phoenix Malaysia  —  1983 Art House Gallery collected Ngan's painting Art House Gallery
phoenix Montreal, Quebec  —  1990 Vanier College collected Ngan's painting. Vanier College
phoenix Korea  —  Korea University Museum
phoenix Taiwan  —  1979 National Museum of History collected Ngan's painting. National Museum of History

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