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Chinese calligraphy, my passion

For over 30 years, I have been teaching Traditional Chinese arts; calligraphy, painting and seal carving in Montreal (Qc, CA). Over the years, more and more people became aware of the treasures that can be found in Chinese literature, poetry as well as wisdom sayings. Many, including celebrities, started to consider wearing a tattoo inspired by the Chinese culture. Consequently, I received many request for translation and the design of tattoos; my aim is to create a thing of beauty that my clients will be proud to wear.

Designing a tattoo

To create a meaningfull design for you, my first step is communication. First the meaning: what do you want your Chinese words to convey? This is important because it will show your personality, experience, values or beliefs. The Chinese language is complex as is the Chinese culture. An English word or phrase can have different interpretation. A lousy translation could put you in incorfortable situation. I take great care in the translation that I would suggest.

Second, the design must take into account the number of characters, the calligraphy style and which part of your body will receive your tattoo. Also, is your tattoo combined with symbols or pictures or other elements that must be considered in the overall composition.

tattoos ideas and styles

Chinese philosophy and literature as well as popular sayings are a fabulous source of inspiration. Different visual elements can be blended in a tattoo; text, stamp, flower, symbols, animals, etc. Exploring the items in the Sidebar will provide many examples of Chinese tattoo design. You will also see many of my tattoo designs for clients in the Testimonials.

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