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wisdom Chinese tattoo quotes, video Chinese calligraphy writing tattoos are extremely popular nowadays. Many people including celebrities have faithfully etched their skin in Chinese characters (word). Individuals like to express their individuality through body art. Exotic ink designs like Asian words or ancient writing have spread like a whirlwind. For over 20 years, I have been teaching Chinese art, classic writing, and painting in Montreal. Over the years, I have received many referrals from ink parlors in the city. Their clients ask me for word tattoos and fancy Chinese writing. Moreover, they ask me for tattoo translation.

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Chinese quote tattoo and Asian symbol require accurate meanings. This is why many ink specialists refer business to me. They understand that Chinese writing tattoos must bear the right meaning. Who wants to risk using Asian symbols with poor translation or wrong meanings? This is smart of them because text tattoo requires mastery of the Chinese language and cultural relevance. They refer clients to me for 'safe' translation and accurate Asian symbols. As a Chinese artist, my eyes and intuition are sharp. Your Chinese writing tattoo will reflect the high standard that I have for my fine art creations. See my Tattoo Artwork Gallery.

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Chinese calligraphy writing tattoo meanings, word translation
To create a meaning writing design for you, my first step is communication. I ask you for the tattoo meaning. In other words, what do you want your Asian writing to convey? This is important because the Chinese words should convey what is unique about you. It can show your personality, experience, values or beliefs. Hence, your meaning must be accurate. These days Chinese tattoo mistakes are becoming common. Chinese is a complex language. An English word or phrase can have different interpretation. I am proficent in tattoo translation. I will help you choose Chinese characters, words or phrases that best represent your individuality.

writing tattoo ideas, popular styles
Here are some great ideas for Asian tattoo writing. Choose the styles or themes that matche your desire. It can be:

Writing tattoo designs
In order to create an original tattoo writing for you, preliminary designs are needed. In other words, I do several trials for that design and select the best one. People think that tattoo writing is easy. This is wrong. Artistic handwriting and word designs take time and patience. However, it is worth it. Writing tattoos are urban and stylish.

Calligraphy writing tattoo mistakes, poor meanings

Chinese calligraphy writing and words are widely used in tattoo designs. The most popular Asian symbols include love, hope, family, courage, and dragon. It is moving to see that our ancient culture becomes fashionable. Unfortunately, I have seen many writing tattoos with problems. Mistakes include weird meanings, wrong translation, and mismatched words. Some writing shows substandard designs or poor taste. In some cases, the Chinese characters are haphazardly lumped together with no coherence. These tell me that people did not take time to research their writing tattoos. They just rush in to get what is hot without professional help. The result is regret.

Did you know?
When a Chinese person sees your body text, the first thing that get noticed is the meaning. If you have a stupid tattoo meaning, you can be the new joke in town.

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Your Chinese text can be placed anywhere on the body, e.g. neck, chest, back, lower back, spine, arm, hand, finger, wrist, leg, ankle and more. Watch this video for ideas

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