megan fox's chinese symbol tattoo

Megan Fox, Hollywood's hottest diva, has a Chinese character 'strength' 『力』 tattooed on her neck. Fox said, "Calligraphy tattoo is a form of art and it's one of the oldest forms of art. I find them beautiful so I'm going to keep doing it. I'm not going to let something like that stop me." Although Megan Fox appreciates Chinese symbols, I think she should be more thoughtful in her tattoo meaning. The symbol 『力』 has a one dimensional meaning. It means 'physical force'.

The press said that Megan Fox needs the strength (both mental and physical) to stay on top of the media hierarchy. If this is the case, I suggest that she choose a better tattoo meaning. The Chinese symbols 『能』 follow by 『力』 have a better meaning.『能力』 conveys 'ability and talent'. My other suggestion is 『魅力』 meaning the 'power of enchantment'.

Megan Fox calligraphy tattootop of the page

Megan Fox calligraphy tattooback to calligraphy tattoo


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