plum blossom-flower tattoo designs, wisdom quotes

Chinese blossom tattoo, asian flower designs

Chinese plum tattoo is a growing trend. In China, plum blossoms have profound cultural meanings. They epitomize peace, happiness and grace. People who love feminine styles, classic designs or Asian flowers are especially charmed by blossom tattoos.

plum blossom tattoos - beauty

As a Chinese calligraphy artist, I create plum blossom tattoos that reflect your personal styles and individuality. There are many ways in which you can enhance your Asian flower designs. Here are my suggestions.

ideas for chinese blossom tattoos

1) Plum blossom tattoo with Chinese quotes
Enhance your plum flower designs by adding a meaningful quote or some sort of wise sayings. This will show your personality. Short quotes have 4 to 5 Chinese characters. Longer quotes have 8 or more Chinese characters. Put your quote on the spine, shoulder blade, or anywhere on the back. It looks marvellous.

Chinese blossom tattoo-kanji, meaningful quotes

Quotes ideas for plum flower designs include:
- Learn from yesterday, live for today.
- We need not think alike to love alike
- Beauty stems from the heart, not the eye.
- Where there is love, there is life.
- Follow love and it will flee, flee love and it will follow.

2) Plum blossom tattoo with Chinese stamp
Spice up your blossom tattoo with a small Chinese stamp (the red stamp in right picture). The stamp can be your name, a meaningful word, or a kanji symbol.

Chinese plum blossom tattoo with short quote, and Chinese stamp

3) Blossoms tattoo with Chinese painting
Merge your blossom tattoo with a traditional Chinese painting. It will create a magical appeal that exceeds any ordinary designs.

4) Plum tattoo with Chinese cursive writing like David Beckham
Personalize your blossom tattoo with the wild, frantic Chinese writing - cursive script. Beckham's cursive writing tattoo has sparked a worldwide frenzy for Chinese calligraphy.

5) Chinese plum blossom tattoos with Chinese zodiac
Enliven your blossom tattoo by adding a cute Chinese zodiac or a favourite animal symbol.

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