quotes tattoo: chinese sayings, meaningful words or sentences

button-video Tattoo quotes are meaningful Chinese sayings or wise words that convey your inner thought. Quotes reveal the truth of life, people and society. Many people love Chinese sayings because they are meaningful. With 5,000 years in civilization, China wisdom has relevance for modern life. Tattoo quotes consist of 5 or more Chinese characters (symbols). They are longer than tattoo proverbs. Asian verses can speak enormously about you. They convey spirituality that other designs cannot. Quotes have these functions:

tattoo quotes: famous asian sayings from philosophy

Ink lovers said that Asian sayings have deep meanings for their personal lives. Sayings tattoos offer explanations on why things happen the way they do; and why people live the life they live. The best tattoo quotes come from ancient Chinese philosophy. Others come from Buddhist mottos, Taoist scriptures, famous quotations, or religious verses. Chinese quotes are popular because they are meaningful, powerful yet concise. The best quote tattoo is done in Chinese writing as opposed to English translation.

why quotes tattoos in Chinese writing?

  1. Your tattoo design will easily stand out in the public
  2. Asian script (in Chinese calligraphy styles) evokes a sense of mystique
  3. Chinese symbols are great for styling. You can adjust their size and place them anywhere on your body
  4. Chinese writing is classic. The vertical text alignment gives your tattoo design a stunning Asian look
  5. Chinese words spark a lot of curiosity. People will be anxious to find out their meanings and significance

tattoo quotes: ideas for chinese sayings or cultural expressions

Choose the favorite saying from here, or give me your own sentence. I will translate it to Chinese for you. Next, choose which Calligraphy Styles, that you like for your quote tattoo. Decide where to place your words. The longer the quote, the more space you need. Remember, it has 5 or more Chinese symbols.

Inscribe your skin in beautiful Chinese text. Reveal your life, spirituality and belief to everyone. Try Chinese quotes tattoos. Below are some examples of cultural expressions. There are countless meaningful Chinese sayings relating to life, karma, relationship, remembrance, truth and wisdom. Cultural expressions are ideal for ink designs. Given the limited space I can't list them all. Just talk to me and I will select the best quote for you.

The best tattoo quotes come from:
- Confucius principles of truth
- Buddhist ideals of passion and virtue
- Taoist belief of action amidst inaction
- The way of Tao is the way of life

tattoo quotes and sayings - Youtube video

Meaningful quotes are great tattoo ideas. See this video.

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