Zodiac tattoos in small stamp designs

Chinese zodiac tattoo, 12 zodiacs

chinese zodiac tattoo, zodiac designs

Chinese zodiac tattoo can be used alone. It is a small animal design with or without writing. It can been added next to a Chinese calligraphy writing for a stunning look. There are 12 zodiac signs, hence 12 different animal designs. The photos below show the various placement of Chinese zodiac tattoo. Since the design is small, it does not take up a much spce. You can easily place it anyway you want, i.e, the back, arm, leg, hand, chest, etc.

Chinese zodiac rooster tattoo
Chinese zodiac tiger tattoo
Chinese zodiac horsen tattoo
Chinese zodiac mouse tattoo

Chinese zodiac tattootop of the page

Chinese zodiac tattooback to calligraphy tattoo



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