chinese proverb painting
by ngan siu-mui


announcing eternal friendship

Chinese brushwork, acrylic on canvas

10x8 in
$250 cad


Verses from the Book of Odes:

  • “To me she offered a papaya,
  • I offered her a beautiful Ju-gem (jade);
  • Not to repay her,
  • But to love forever,
  • To have our friendship last forever.”

arrow The Book of Odes, Shi Jing


  • Style: chinese calligraphy in seal script.
  • The middle character means "good" and is built of two parts, "girl" and "boy". The character "good" and the three characters on the right side make up the verse "Forever Eternal Friendship". The four left side characters are echoing that verse. The announcement is made on a wall.

how to customize this artwork?

Give me a quote as you wish. I'll translate into Chinese.