chinese proverb painting
by ngan siu-mui


a thousand cups of wine is not enough

Chinese brushwork, acrylic on canvas

6x6 in
$120 cad


The title explains the relationship between bosom friends. Even after a thousand cups of wine, sharing the friendship would need many more.

That phrase is taken from the Chinese novel “Dragon Biography”. The main subject is about the emperor Zhao Kuang-Yin's youth, before he became founder of the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644)


  • Style: chinese calligraphy in seal, clerical and cursive scripts.
  • On the right: cursive script
  • In the middle: picture writing
  • On the left: clerical script

how to customize this artwork?

  • Give me a word as you wish, such as friendship, liberty... I'll translate into Chinese.
  • Give me your name, and I'll translate into a nice and meaningful Chinese name.