chinese calligraphy on canvas
by ngan siu-mui

forty no doubt

a t forty, I had no doubts

Chinese brushwork, acrylic on canvas

8x24 in
$350 cad


That phrase is taken from The Confucian Analects

The Master Confucius said, "At fifteen, I had my mind bent on learning. At thirty, I stood firm. At forty, I had no doubts. At fifty, I knew the decrees of Heaven. At sixty, my ear was an obedient organ for the reception of truth. At seventy, I could follow what my heart desired, without transgressing what was right."


  • Style: Chinese calligraphy in running script
  • Seal (bottom)
    Goodwill prolongs life

how to customize this artwork?

Give me a quote as you wish. I'll translate into Chinese.