what is “Chinese calligraphy custom art”?

an artwork you dream about…
an artwork you wish to create…

Calligraphy Custom art is a calligraphy artwork designed to fulfill your purpose. I put my passion, skills and learning to create a piece of art that conveys your thought, sentiment and personality.

After 30 years as a professional artist, many people have been charmed by my calligraphy and its associated meanings. Art lovers have found my characters energetic, revealing the wisdom of life.

Over the years, I have transformed Chinese calligraphy and symbols into a modern art – Calligraphy Art –. It is sensuous, meaningful and timeless. You are invited to share my passion for these novel creations. Chinese calligraphy custom art is an ideal gift for all occasions.

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customized art is an ideal gift

conveying personal thought
gift of a rare kind

When you choose Customized art as a gift, your personal thought goes with it. My credentials guarantee that it is made by a reputable artist.

Customized art is gift of a rare kind. It can be personalized to suit your particular needs. Each artwork has limited editions. It is a gift that captures all minds and delights all hearts. Customized art is the expression of the unspoken and latent meanings. It is an emotion-enhancing gift.

People said that my Customized art gave them "magical calmness”. It took them away from the frenzy of the office. Let your recipients experience the wonders of art gifts. Choose Customized art for any occasion, i.e., Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday, wedding, retirement, job promotion, baby shower, house warming, or more. It is:


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