what is chinese proverb painting

Chinese Proverb Painting is an artwork with an intended message artistically designed. It expresses your thought, wishes, or feelings for someone. The message is presented in elegant and sensuous characters. These characters are derived from various styles of Chinese calligraphy. Chinese Proverb Painting is truly "a gift that is worth a thousand words". Your recipient will appreciate the thought that you put into this gift.

message and truthfulness

Chinese Proverb Painting contains Chinese proverbs, mottos, popular verses, or wise sayings relating to life. Many of them convey Chinese wisdom. These truths are not only enchanting; they play a significant role in modern life, bringing encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and even comfort.

rain-in-forest luck-prosper-long thousand-cups jade-swallow Forty no doubt

Did you know?
In old China, paintings with inscriptions (like proverbs, poems, or verses) written in beautiful calligraphy were highly valued. Paintings without inscriptions were less valued. Often, paintings with inscriptions revealed deep meanings and principles of life. They were motivating, consoling, and had positive influences on people.

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