what is chinese name painting?

Chinese Name Painting is an artwork of someone's name in charming calligraphy styles. Whether in running script, cursive script, seal script or mixed styles, I select the best style for your name. Your name is adorned with matching Chinese design, which can be picture writing, Zodiac signs, seals, or other stylized elements. Chinese Name Painting expresses individuality and personal pride. If you are seeking a memorable and personal gift, Name Art is smply your best choice. There are two types of Name Art: Chinese Names, Western Names (see below).

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chinese names

These days, people are intrigued with Chinese Names. Some even have their Western names translated into Chinese. Have you met a Westerner who hands you a business card with his/her Chinese Name on it? Many non-Chinese are indeed very proud of their Chinese Names. Unfortunately, I have noticed the downside. Their Chinese Names appear mechanical and lack aesthetic appeal. Many are written in fonts of poor calligraphy. Although any Western name can be translated to Chinese, it is not easy to pick a Chinese Name for a Westerner, especially if one demands an authentic and appropriate Chinese Name.

chinese names and meanings

Many name translators focus only on pronunciation. The problem associated with pronunciation-only translation is the meaning. Some Westerners have Chinese Names that are unconventional, non-sensical or even laughable. Many times, their Chinese Names contain dubious meanings that are outside the context of etiquette. What a pity! Names are important in Chinese culture. In fact, picking a name can require the advice of a name specialist. The meaning of your Chinese Name should be of utmost importance.

How about your Name Translation?
My name translation is based on pronunciation and meaning. I select characters with sounds that match the pronunciation of your Western name. Moreover, I make sure that your Chinese Name will have proper meaning and show cultural relevance. Your Chinese Name reflects pride and your identity. It is expressly graceful. It usually consists of three characters, the usual standard for Chinese names.

Did you know?
In contrast to Western names, Chinese Names start with the surname. For example, my name, "Ngan Siu-Mui"; Ngan is the surname and Siu-Mui is the given name.

western names

Instead of Chinese Names, some people prefer to have their native names on a charming painting. I succeeded quite well in integrating Chinese calligraphy and Western alphabet-based languages. Western Names are an example. On the painting your Western Name would appear in calligraphy styles. Because of its elaborate form, you may not be able to recognize it immediately. Nevertheless, many are pleased with this innovative genre of art. Some called it a stunning "Name transformation". Your Western Name is a perfect fusion of East and West. Its sophistication and charm are simply peerless.

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