clients' testimonials

suzanne lemay - custom art
Calligraphy custom art on canvas
in Cursive script

Eternal Love
“I received the artwork this week. I can't describe in English my feeling.
J'étais d'abord très nerveuse en ouvrant la boîte.
J'ai dû aller très lentement pour ne rien briser par ma nervosité.
J'ai d'abord vu la fiche descriptive; comme vous êtes professionnelle!
Puis, en voyant l'œuvre, j'en ai eu les larmes aux yeux tellement c'était beau.
Je suis tellement contente! ”

Suzanne, Quebec

alexia-polymenopoulou customart
Calligraphy custom art on canvas
in Running style

Luck, Prosperity, Longevity
“Oh, my dear Siu-Mui!! What amazing artwork! lucky!
I don't know how to thank you!
I send you my best wishes from my heart for your art and for your life ”

Alexia, Greece

nathalie-fournier custom art
Chinese calligraphy on card
in Running script with links

Intuitive Kevin
“Hello, just to let you know that the Chinese calligraphy was a success. He really loved it , and was extremely surprised. Thanks again. ”

Nathalie, Montreal

tasha-thomas custom art
Calligraphy custom art on canvas
in Running and Seal scripts

Heaven constantly on the move
“Just to let you know my Sifu, was really pleased with your artwork ‘Heaven Constantly on the Move’ (he knows of you and your work, as well). He is very familiar with the ‘Book of Changes’. Your recommendation was the perfect choice for a very traditional Martial Arts Master. ”

Thomas, Ontario

brant-maggard custom art
Calligraphy custom art on Chinese Xuan paper
in Running-Cursive script

See the brothers in difficulty
“It is sometimes difficult for those of us not intimately familiar with the intricacies of writing Chinese characters to appreciate Chinese calligraphy. Ngan Siu-Mui's calligraphy, however, can be appreciated by anyone, not because she makes it "palatable" to a wide audience, but because the high quality materials she works with combined with her masterful brushstrokes make something which is aesthetically beautiful, without needing to know anything else other than what is pleasing to the eye. Even if you don't know what exactly to say, Ms. Ngan uses her command of Chinese language and literature to help you say what you really mean. A gift of her artwork is something that will be treasured forever. ”

Brant Maggard, USA

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