chinese painting and calligraphy

My Mind Paintings are "written" rather than "painted". The techniques of Chinese painting and calligraphy are based on elegant, subtle and energetic brushworks. My artworks display the abstract quality of a variety of idea-images: movements as dancing, walking, flying and rising ...; shapes as water, fire, cloud, mountains and trees.... The hidden shapes created by nature appear dimly as "double images" or "composite images". I explore the forms and movements of all living things in nature. After obtaining wonderful discoveries, I use my brushworks to recreate the images in my mind. There, I finish my Mind Painting.

mind painting and art creation

The journey of art creation is long, elaborate, and ambitious. Every Mind Painting takes a long time to complete. It can be weeks, months, or even years. I explore and re-construct the relationships among humanity, nature and the larger cosmos. In the past, I used Chinese water color, ink and paper as the bases. Now I have turned to acrylic and canvas as the principal media. Nevertheless, Chinese brushes are still the important tools. They render the magical performances of Chinese style water color on canvas.

chinese art and culture

Being borned and trained in Hong Kong, my artworks exhibit a strong traditional Chinese cultural imprint. Since 1988, I have been living in Quebec. Western culture has had a profound impact on my art. My works are the manifestations of an artist who has eastern roots and now lives in western soil. I have traveled many countries for exhibitions, education, and cultural exchange. You will find that my artworks have been collected by museums, art organizations, universities and art lovers around the world.


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