phoenix Beijing, China  —  2005 Ngan invited by the Ministry of National Affairs, China as the main speaker in the International calligraphy Conference of the of the Ngoc-On Cup. (Certificate of honor) Ngoc-On Cup
phoenix Quebec, Canada  —  1999, Ngan received the Certificat Québécois de la citoyenneté pour le rapprochement culturel from the Quebec Government. The award honors her excellence in bringing cultures together Certificat Québécois
phoenix Seoul, Korea  —  1999, Ngan received the Medal of Excellence from the Asia Art Award Selection Committee award seoul 1999
art education centreTaiwan  —  1991 Ngan received the Certificate of Distinction for her exhibition hosted by the Art Education Center art education center
phoenix Canada  —  1988 Ngan received the Canadian Immigration Status from the Government of Canada. She immigrated to the country under the category of Professional Artist with a Cultural Contribution to Canada Immigration Status

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