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grass style tattoo and chinese cursive script are the most popular styles

Grass style tattoo, also known as cursive script, is by far the most popular ink design. Of the 5 Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo Stylesthat I offer, the majority of my clients choose the grass style writing. There is a reason. Most people love grass style calligraphy for its beauty and flow. Grass style tattoos are natural, energetic and attractive to the eye. They are an organic art that spring straight from the heart. The best result can only be achieve by a calligraphy artist, reflecting the creative energy of the artist. Each brush movement and calligraphy stroke reveal our mind and desires. Font tattoo can never have the beauty of grass style writing because fonts are flat with no energy in them and they are not an organic art. Cursive script is spontaneous and lively. Computer font is superficial looking and dull. Grass style calligraphy tattoos reflect your sprituality in a way that no other medium can.

grass style tattoo, wisdom quotes

You can dramatically enhance your grass style tattoos with wisdom quotes. Whatever quote you choose, your design will look marvelous. You can choose inspirational quotes such as celebrity quotes, philosophy quotes, Shakespeare quotes, Bible quotes, etc. For many people, grass style tattoos express their optimism, zest for life, and hope in the future. Although cursive script writing is said to be unpredictable and wild, its natural movements are simply irresistible. It is almost like a "spur of the moment" expression. This is why people love it.

grass style tattoos features:

  1. variable text flow (vertical or horizontal). Vertical text flow is more popular.
  2. flexible character size
  3. could have a link between 2 characters
  4. crazy grass style writing (wild cursive script calligraphy) is not easily readable because it is a more abstract composition.

Below are some of the custom tattoo designs done for my clients. Many of them choose grass style tattoos with wisdom quotes. Their quotes have profound meanings and wise sayings; they show intelligence and experience in life. My clients appreciate my work and talent and many were kind enough to provide feedback and comments. I would like to share their testimonials with you.


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Torso Tattoos, Side Tattoo back to testimonials
Wisdom Quotes, Cursive Style:
Heaven has a road, but no one travels it;
Hell has no gate but men will dig to get there.

Grass Style Tattoo
“Looks amazing! ”

Matt, USA

Wisdom Quotes, Cursive Style:
Learn from yesterday.
Live for today.
Hope for tomorrow.

Grass Style Tattoo
“That looks great exactly how I wanted it. It has a good strong design at the start and end of the quote and the different line thickness's work well. ”

Carl, UK

Wisdom Quotes, Cursive Style:
Don't Worry
about things you cannot change.

Grass Style Tattoo
“Thank you so much for the wonderful explanation and all the time and effort in helping me understand all about my tattoo design. I will tell everyone I know how fantastic you are :) You did an absolute amazing job! ”

Kent Freeman, USA

Wisdom Quotes, Cursive Style:
Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.

Grass Style Tattoo with a Chinese stamp Family first
“I love the design you send me. Its amazing. Thank you very much for your art. ”

Daniel Sanchez, mexico

Wisdom Quotes, Cursive Style:
Do your best and God will do the rest.

Grass Style Tattoo on left torso (Chinese Cursive Script, Wisdom Quote)
“Wow, that looks amazing.. I am absolutely thrilled. Its exactly the look that I was after. Thank you very much. I'm over the moon. ”

Ryan Whittaker, New Zealand

Wisdom Quotes, Cursive Style:
Time will heal and time will tell.

Grass Style Tattoo on left torso (Chinese Cursive Script, Wisdom Quote)
“I am very pleased with the result of my tattoo. I admire your art work and hope to work with you again some time in the future. ”

Alex Sanchez, Chicago

Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style:
Life is short, art is forever.

Grass Style Tattoo on right torso (Chinese Cursive Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“I think the design was great. ”

Jan Molander, Finland

Wisdom Quotes in Cursive style and name stamp:
What has past has already gone what is to come can still be chased.

Grass Style Tattoo on left torso (Chinese Cursive Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“ Your design is impressive. Look forward to get more of your design in future. ”

Kelvin Chong, Australia

Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style:
Family members and friends have same hearts working together to overcome difficulties, consistent from beginning to the end.

Grass Style Tattoo on right torso (Chinese Running Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“It looks awesome. ”

Peter Nguyen, Montreal

Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style:
Angel protected by hands of God.

Grass Style Tattoo on left torso (Chinese Cursive Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“I received the calligraphy design. I liked so much, I loved. Thanks for your patience, dedication and inspiration.”

Abel Louro de Figueiredo, Brazil

Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style:
What has past has already gone what is to come can still be chased.

Grass Style Tattoo on left torso (Chinese Cursive Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“I really really love the design!!! Thank you so much!”

Peter Chapman, UK

Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style:
Embrace change, defy complacency.

Grass Style Tattoo on right side of torso (Chinese Grass Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“Thank you for the design, I really like it!”

Dana, USA

Wisdom Quotes, Running Style:
The weather changes by the moment, so does your desiny.

Running Style Tattoo on right side of torso (Chinese Running Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“I truly enjoy your art work and I think it would be awesome if I can put your work on my canvas (body). ”

Remie Chan, USA

Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style:
Pain is weakness leaving the body

Grass Style Tattoo on Side (Chinese Cursive Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“I think this grass style writing looks great! I wanted to thank you for the beautiful artwork, and like many of your other clients, I've received great compliments on the design.”

Teresa Alba, Washington, USA

Meaningful Phrase, Cursive Writing:
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's about learning how to dance in the rain

Grass Style Tattoo in Meaningful Phrases (Chinese Cursive Script - Small, Vertical Writing)
“Ngan I would like to thank you for the most magnificent art work ever. Your text art is truly one of a kind and I will continue my journey with your art.”

Alden Lee, New York, USA

Friendship Quotes, Tattoo Meaning:
Loyalty, Secrecy, Friendship
Chinese Stamp (in red)

Friendship Tattoo with Chinese Stamp (Wild Cursive Script, Loyalty Quotes)
“I have received the design… and its great!!!! you have truly outdone yourself… I am really impressed… I absolutely love your technique I find it absolutely stunning,”

“Just wanted to send you a quick email, thanking you again for the great design for our tattoo, we are very pleased with it and have received a lot of compliments on it.”

Carmen, Ontario, Canada

Wisdom Quote, Tattoo Meaning:
The superior man makes himself strong and untiring.
I-Ching (Book of Changes)

Wisdom Tattoo Quotes for Man (Grass Style, 7 Chinese Characters, Great Meaning)
“I just received your artwork. It's very good! I love it,… I had great comments about the tattoo. I appreciate your business.”

Patrick, Quebec City, Canada

Wisdom Quotes, Meaningful Tattoo:
Ambition flying, free flying.

Grass Style Tattoo on Side (Ambition Quotes, Chinese Cursive Script, Vertical Alignment)
“Thanks for the design, the characters look really good! You just made me like cursive script even more. I'm glad I will have your art on my skin.”

Daniel Shi, Australia

Chest Tattoos back to testimonials
Full name Tattoo:
Parents' names

Regular Style Tattoo on Chest
“Thanks for the lovely calligraphy!”

Edward Chun, USA

Shoulder Tattoo back to testimonials
Zodiac tattoo, Regular Style:
Rabbit, Dragon

Lovers Tattoo, Couple tattoo on shoulder
“We both love our tattoos. ”

Jennifer Tong, Surrey BC, Canada

Chinese quote, Cursive scripte
Like mother like daughter.

Cursive script tattoo on back
“Thank you so much Siu-Mui, I love my tattoo and your art, the beauty in the design makes me appreciate the meaning and the outcome much more.”

Rachel, Vanvouver

Running Style
Chinese names

Running script name tattoo on back
“I wanted to share this picture of the tattoo that you have done for me. I get so much compliments of the writing style. Thank you kindly!”

Duyen-Truong, Edmonton

Wisdom Quote, Tattoo Meaning:
Family First

Small Tattoo Quotes on Back (4 Chinese Characters, Grass Style, Cursive Writing)
“Oh my goodness, I love it! Thank you Ngan! Your work is incredible...This is my latest tattoo. It is dedicated to my parents...”

Lily, Vancouver, Canada

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Chinese name
Djalina Schrijn

Chinese name
“Thank you so much for your time and the art. It's really beautifull.”

Djalina Schrijn, Holland

Meaningful Tattoo, Chinese Quote Meaning:
Rather be the broken jade
than be the whole piece of tile

Meaningful Tattoo Quote with Mystical Animals (Old Proverb, Cursive Style, 8 Chinese Characters)
“I like it, it looks great. Thank you very much.”

Torpenvangen, Denmark

Name tattoo, Regular Style:
Chinese name tattoo

Regular Style Tattoo on Shoulder blade
“Thank You Siu-Mui for the wonderful design. I ablsolutely love it. My mother in law was quite pleased that I was able to find the right characters and the right strokes. Again thank you so much.”

Zairra Ly, Calgary, Canada

Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style:
Eagle cleaves the sky.

Grass Style Tattoo on Shoulder blade (Chinese Grass Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“I don't know how to thank you enough! The design was great, it was unique and so fascinating!”

Shahed Shafazand, Toronto Canada

Back Tattoos back to testimonials
Motivational Quote, Cursive Script:
May we all be blessed with longevity.
Though thousands miles apart
we share the beauty of the moon together.

Cursive Script Tattoo
“Thank you!! it's beautiful. I really love the flow of this design and can't wait to get this done. ”

Lily, USA

Motivational Quote, Small Cursive Script:
You do your best, Heaven will do the rest.
Quote stamp (in red)
Name stamp (in red)

Cursive Script Tattoo with Chinese Stamps (Short Life Quotes, Grass Style Calligraphy)
“Thank you Ngan for the art work. This is by far the best Chinese art work ever.”

Alden Lee, New York, USA

Chinese quote, Running Style
Achieve inner peace and deep understanding.

Running Script Tattoo with Japanese circle (enso-symbol)
“Wow, they look amazing! Thanks so much, I'll let you know if I need anything else! It's perfect :)”

Eric Chen, USA

Chinese quote, Running Style
Rather die to express my opinion than live in silence.

Running script tattoo on upper back
“I would like to thank you for your professionalism, advise and beautiful calligraphy. It really helps demonstrate the beauty and art of the Chinese written word. …thank you for helping me express my intention! I look forward to using your services again!”

Fransis Hardcastle, San Francisco

Chinese quote, Running Style
Thousands of words gone with the wind and cloud.

Running script tattoo on back
“Thank you its very pretty.”

Polly Tang, London

Chinese bamboo
Oriental bamboo stem tattoo

Bamboo tattoo with stems and leaves
“About the design, it’s what I expected for, I’ve printed and it’s really nicer than on a screen ! I really like it. Thanks !”

Christophe Darroman, France

Running Style with Flying white
Bright moon in heart

Flying-white tattoo on back
“It looks really good and I think the artist has done a great job.”

Jean-Michel Lechevallier, Vancouver

Cursive Style
I'll look back at this and smile because this is life and I have lived it.

3 columns calligraphy tattoo
“ I was so impressed of your work ! It`s absolutely beautiful!”

Samantha Timan, Atlanta

Spine Tattoos back to testimonials
Dorian Schonenberg-Snoeks-tattoo
Spine tattoo, Cursive script:
Hope, faith, love, live, laugh, love.

Cursive Style Tattoo with links between characters
“It's beautiful!! I'm really happy with the result! I can't thank you enough! ”

Dorian Schonenberg-Snoeks, Netherlands

Spine tattoo, Running script:
Review the past, spur on the future, grasp now.

Running Style Tattoo with Chinese name stamp on Spine
“Hi Sui-Mui! I got my tattoo done and I think it looks awesome! Thanks soo much for your help. ”

Kirk Waldfogel, California

Spine tattoo, Running script:
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Running Style Tattoo on Spine
“I got the tattoo done yesterday and I love it! Thank you so much for your design! ”

Miranda Lam-Fujii, Canada

Cursive Style Words tattoo
Love, Strength, Balance

Cursive Chinese calligraphy tattoo
“ Loved the design, you have done a great job. Thank you once again!”

Simon Melissa Hyder, Australia

Spine tattoo, Running Style:
Quote tattoo

Running Style Tattoo on Spine
“My tattoo all healed up, everyone is complimenting me on it. Can't thank you enough for your beautiful translation!”

Carla Cochrane, northern Ireland, UK

Wisdom Quotes, Cursive-Running Style:
Who has a health, has hope. Who has hope, has everything.

Cursive-Running Style Tattoo
“Design is GREAT! I love it! ”

Adam Dopilka, Chicago

Spine tattoo, Cursive Style:
Integrity, wisdom, peace, rebel, wanderer

Clean, elegant lines of cursive script vertically
“It is absolutely beautiful, Siu-Miu. Thank you so much.”

Erin Blankenship, USA

Wisdom Tattoo, Inspirational Sayings, Chinese Meaning:
The superior man is satisfied and composed. The mean man is always full of distress.

Spine Tattoo in Two Columns (Wisdom Saying, Grass Style Script)
“I really want to thank you for all your kind thought about me and also your inspirational sayings. It's so hard to say in words but I know and felt all your energies you did on the design...I will never forget our past conversation and I am glad, I met you over the internet. You took time and kindness for others. Thank you and all my blessing to you.…”

Sani Abdullah, Oregon, USA

Chinese Tattoo, Life Quote Meaning:
Strict with oneself and lenient with others

Spine Tattoo in One Column (Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style Writing, David Beckham Style)
“I have gotten the grass style tattoo yesterday and it looks absolutely fantastic. Many have complimented the beautiful writing you did for me. Once again, thank you so much for the wonderful work...I shall wear it proudly upon my back for life. I'm so glad to have found your service online at the right time.…”

Terence Lim, Burnaby, Canada

Life Quote, Tattoo Meaning:
Love life passionately.

Spine Tattoo with Motivational Life Quote (Grass Style, Cursive Script, 4 Chinese Characters)
“I LOVE MY TATTOO. I want to thank you so so much i just love it. It is exactly what I wanted and I get comments on it all the time. Even my tattoo artist said it was beautiful work. You are very talented and great help in deciding what to get.”

Tara Hodgers, Australia

Wrist Tattoo, Arm Tattoo back to testimonials
Woman tattoo, cursive script
strong, smart, beautiful

Strong meaning words on forearm (Cursive Calligraphy)
“It looks beautiful! It turned out very well, and I receive many compliments. Thank you very much for your time and creativity”

Dawn Nolt, USA

Chinese poem Quotes
The long river carries the moon silently away.

Quote from Chines poem, special meaning tattoo (Cursive Calligraphy on forearm)
“Thank you for my design. It is beautiful. I feel honored to wear your art …”

Allison Bequette, Colorado USA

Philosophy Quotes

quote from German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (Grass Style Tattoo, Life Meaning, Cursive Calligraphy)
“Siu-Mui possesses a mastery over the art of Chinese calligraphy, but avoids the trap that most calligraphers are unaware of — that direct translation doesn't necessarily convey the correct interpretation.”

“Siu-Mui takes time to understand the objective behind your desired phrase/word, and then undertakes thorough research to make sure your tattoo is genuine. The quality of her artwork and calligraphic form are beautiful, and communication with her is an organic, rewarding process.”

Charles, Creative Asylum
California, USA

Wisdom Word, Great Cursive Style:

Wisdom Word Tattoo on forearm

Alden Lee's sister, USA

Wise Tattoo, Short Phrase:

Short Tattoo Phrase on arm (Wise Meaning, 2 Chinese Characters, Grass Style Design)
“This is so beautiful. I just love the way it flows. It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much. I love it! Thank you! Everyone loves it. It's so unique. …”

Alisa alisastap, USA

Wise Tattoo, Short Phrase:

Short Tattoo Phrase on Wrist (Wise Meaning, 2 Chinese Characters, Grass Style Design)
“Thank you so much for the design!!! It's amazing! Everyone loves it! …”

Francesca Castor, Toronto, Canada

Wise Tattoo Words:
Love, Health

Wise Tattoo Words on Arm (2 Chinese Characters (Grass Style Calligraphy, Cursive Script)
“Thank you for the beautiful Design and the great customer service! With your help, this brilliant Artwork is born. Many Greets! ”

Marc, Switzerland

Love Quote, Tattoo Meaning:
Craig loves Sharon forever.
Chinese Stamp (in red)

Tattoo Quote for Love on Arm (Grass Style, 7 Chinese Characters, Chinese Cursive Script)
“It is very beautiful. Thank you very much! Sharon is so happy and she takes every opportunity to show it off. She tells people what it means. Thank you so much for you talents. ”

Craig Kenny, Brisbane, Australia

Chinese Word Tattoo:

Chinese Word Tattoo on Wrist (Cursive Writing, Grass Style)
“Last month I came up with an idea... and had let it designed by Chinese calligraphy artist Ngan ( helpful, very friendly and fast... it took her less than a week to make my design... and it wasn't that expensive as well...I am loving it!!!”

Jen Lam, Netherlands

Wisdom Quotes, Grass Style:
The world is where my home is

Grass Style Tattoo on wrist (Chinese Cursive Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“It's breathtaking. I love it so much.”

Stella Talpo, Singapore

Leg Tattoo, Ankle Tattoos back to testimonials
Chinese word tattoo :
Cursive Calligraphy

Cursive Style tattoo with Chinese stamp in plum shape on leg
“It looks WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for your hard work. And you did it so quickly, too! Thank you for the advice too. …”

Jill Genciana, Hawaii

Chinese name tattoo :
Running Style Chinese Calligraphy

Running Style tattoo on ankle
“The design exceeded my expectations! It blew me away I so pleased with it! I'm definitly grateful for your time and patience! This piece of art means alot to me.…”

Veronique Leung, Montréal, Qc

Life Quotes:
Grass Style Calligraphy

Grass Style Calligraphy with Meaningful Quote Tattoo on Leg
“Wow! It's beautiful. Thank you so much. And perfectly sized..…”

Gavin Stenhouse, London, UK

Chinese Word Tattoo:

Chinese Word Tattoo on Ankle (Regular-Running script writing, Chinese Zodiac, Dragon)
“I can trust your passion for your art. More I observe your paintings, more certain I am. There is a greek word of "world" which is "cosmos". Cosmos as a meaning has a wideness, like an entire universe. Of course without limits, with perpetual movement, out of time, with colours, life and strength... This is what I found in your art creations. You have found the magic way to take us by the hand into your cosmos! This is really a gift.”

“I don't know how to THANK YOU for your designs! They made me really happy! Everyday, everytime that I will be proud for my tattoos, I will be grateful to you!”

Alexia Polymenopoulou, Athens, Greece

Neck Tattoos back to testimonials
Family name tattoo:
Grandfather's family name

Regular Style Calligraphy
“I want to thank you again for your help with the calligraphy design of my grandfather's surname. I also wanted to share with you the final product.”

Gwen Uyen Lee, USA

Wisdom Quotes, Seal Style:
Thrive in calamity.

Chinese Stamp Tattoo on neck (Chinese Seal Script, Chinese Wisdom Quote)
“Thanks. I like it!”

Danielle Phillips, USA

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