Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo Design by Ngan Siu-Mui,

Tattos from Chinese proverbs, aphorisms or adages

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Tattoo phrases could be short Chinese proverbs. They can be witty words, clever remarks, or Chinese idioms. Some are taken from poems or literature. Others are excerpts from moral lessons. Proverbs convey your desire, hope, dream, and even hardship. Compared to quotes, they are shorter and have simpler meanings. Typically, a proverb tattoo has 3 or 4 Chinese characters (symbols). The design looks sophisticated and many people find it attractive. The phrases are meaningful yet concise.

Defining your tattoo project involves at least two important steps:

The artist designer Ngan Siu-Mui will provide the proper Chinese translation, if required, which is a very important and delicate step; she will then submit a design for your approval. The suggested design will, of course, take into account the position of the tattoo on your body and all the numerous elements that have to be harmoniously combined to insure that your tattoo will be a unique artistic composition.

Examples of tattoo proverbs, meaningful phrases and words.

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