Meaningful Tattoos: Chinese Quotes, Inspirational Phrases

Today, the biggest ink trend is meaningful tattoos. People are infatuated with Chinese quotes, inspirational phrases, Asian proverbs, celebrity sayings, Buddhist text, clever expressions, etc. Some tattoo lovers attempt to find their quotes by relying on automatic word generator or internet download. However, do you know that free online tools can create problems, e.g. poor translation, words with no meaning, weird looking symbols, quotes with wrong meanings. You should seek help from a professional.

Meaningful tattoo: add a quote to any existing tattoo

As a calligraphy art expert, I can help you create a meaningful tattoo. I do that adding an inspirational quote or Chinese saying to your existing tattoo design. In other words, say you have already have an animal tattoo on the back, I can create a quote that is written in your favourite calligraphy style. This will enhance your existing tattoo, giving it a dramatic look. Perhaps you have no idea of what quote to choose. Don't worry, talk to me, I will help you select a memorable saying that compliments your existing ink. This will be the perfect fusion of East and West - urban tattoo.

Your quote can be an expression of eternal truth, treasured experience, thoughtful words or ancient motto. Express yourself with awesome Chinese quotes. A meaningful tattoo combining your existing design with a saying can make you feel sexy, modern, cool or funky. You have unlimited choices indeed. Let me help you. My creation reflects artistry, individualism, mystery and class, which everyone loves and admires.

Meaningful tattoo: Flower pattern tattoo with wisdom Chinese quote

Tattoo Meaning:
What has past has already gone what is to come can still be chased
(8 Chinese characters in Cursive script calligraphy)

asian writing tattoo peter chapman

Meaningful tattoo: mystical animals (dragon, owl, horse) with quote

Tattoo Meaning:
Rather be the broken jade than be the whole piece of tile
(8 Chinese characters in Running script calligraphy)

asian writing tattoo torpenvangen

Meaningful tattoo: spider, scorpio with quote

Tattoo Meaning:
The superior man is satisfied and composed; the mean man is always full of distress.
(10 Chinese characters in Cursive script calligraphy)

scorpio, spider tattoo

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