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why order chinese tattoos from me?

I am a professional artist with over 30 years experience in Chinese art designs. My speciality is Chinese calligraphy, brush painting, seal carving and literature. Throughout my career, I have been invited to exhibitions and lectures in universities, museums, and galleries in Asia, Australia, United States and Canada. For over twenty years, I have been teaching at the Ngan Siu Mui Art School in Montreal, Canada. My passion is to promote Chinese arts to the world. I create outstanding Chinese calligraphy tattoo that you will be proud of. Here is why you should order from me.

  1. Chinese Tattoo Meanings - Accuracy
    Meanings are important in Chinese tattoos. Your ink should bear the proper meaning. In other words, accuracy is a must. Whether you choose a word, phrase, saying or zodiac design, translation is very important. You can rely on me for accurate Chinese translation. Beware of inexperienced translators or free online dictionary. You can get nightmares like ambiguous or poor tattoo meanings. It is painful and costly to remove unwanted ink.
  2. Chinese Styles - Beauty
    As an artist, I have discerning eyes for word art and writing designs. People love my Chinese tattoos because of the calligraphy styles. Your skin will be emblazed with beautiful Asian symbols. They are not computer characters. Rather, they are genuine calligraphy done with a traditional soft hair brush. Your tattoo styles are timeless. They will never fall out of fashion.
  3. Tattoo Font - Never
    Most vendors sell you Chinese tattoo fonts. Fonts are generated by a machine. They are meant for computer applications, not body decoration. Inking is body art and requires artistic creation. With me, what you get is NOT font but authentic writing based on Chinese calligraphy.
  4. Chinese Tattoo Designs - Unique
    Your Chinese calligraphy tattoos are custom made. Every design is unique and different. Every order is a one of a kind. Tell me about yourself, and the significance of your ink. I will create a special tattoo that speaks your mind. Just let me know. I am happy to listen and help.

font tattoo, calligraphy fonts, chinese font

People use font tattoo for body decoration. It goes by the names of Chinese fonts, calligraphy fonts, or writing font. Font tattoos are just computer characters. They lack beauty and naturalness. Did you know that many ink designs are based on these artifical symbols? People choose fonts because they look 'neat'. In fact, they don't realize that this 'neatness' has a down side. Fonts are meant only for computer purposes. They look very robotic to the human eye. Each font is designed with a fixed formula. It has identical size so it fits the page layout, whether it is a square or rectangle. Chinese fonts are computer print out. They are used for typing, alignment, paragraphs, and tables. Each symbol is independent, with no relation to the other.

Font tattoo are mechanical looking. Why put computer printout on your skin? Your body deserves the best - genuine human handwriting. Choose Oriental writing that is authentic. Extol your individuality. Go with Calligraphy done by a writing expert. Stay away from font tattoos.

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